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Taxnet Pro Plus

Experience one-stop searching across two of your most trusted online tax resources. Taxnet Pro PLUS  streamlines your research activity by maximizing the value of your Taxnet Pro and TaxFind Online subscriptions.

Taxnet Pro PLUS is a new federated search functionality that allows you to search both subscriptions simultaneously. With Taxnet Pro PLUS capability, you search both databases at the same time and receive a unified results list. This application is simple to use and allows you to save searches and bookmark results.  There’s no need to disrupt your current session. You decide when to follow your results links and dig deeper within each database.

One-Stop Searching

Taxnet Pro PLUS allows you to find critical content in Taxnet Pro and TaxFind Online as if both resources were one unified database. It means that as a subscriber to both Taxnet Pro and TaxFind Online, you avoid duplicating your efforts. You spend less time searching for information and more time putting that information to work for your clients.

More Results Per Search

  • Use one search query to search Taxnet Pro and TaxFind Online simultaneously
  • Increase the range of your search queries
  • Eliminate repeat searches

Taxnet Pro PLUS is easy to use:

  • If signed into Taxnet Pro, click on Taxnet Pro PLUS search box to search TaxFind Online at the same time
  • If signed into TaxFind Online, click on Taxnet Pro PLUS search box to search Taxnet Pro at the same time

There is no additional cost to use Taxnet Pro PLUS when you subscribe to both services. And you retain each service’s functionality while searching within individual databases.