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Save time with easy navigation to multiple sources of technical and interpretive guidance. Cross-referenced content in Taxnet Pro gives you a more complete understanding of specific provisions and valuable commentary where there is an important point to be explained.

With Taxnet Pro cross-referencing, you gain rapid access to related legislation, government documents, commentary, cases, cases under appeal, history and treatments, compliance, and the French version of the document, where available.

Searching Cross-References

Search in the language you choose

Set your language preference and view results in your preferred language.

Sorted by relevance and importance

See results displayed by relevance and importance. We’ve already evaluated related content so you don’t have to – you can quickly see where to find the greatest direction.

Find exactly what you need

View all cross-references relevant to your search. Not just the top results. And not just content included in your Taxnet Pro subscription. You get a comprehensive look at related content across the service in case you need to delve deeper – and guaranteed access with our pay-per-view option.