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What is new in the enhanced Taxnet Pro?

The enhanced Taxnet Pro is part of the ongoing natural evolution of Taxnet Pro as we continue to respond to our customer's feedback and take advantage of the latest technology.  It is similar to the current version of Taxnet Pro while bringing important enhancements to allow for greater efficiency and productivity.  A few of the areas that have been enhanced are Searching, Cross References and Foldering.

Is there an additional cost to use the enhanced Taxnet Pro?

There is no additional cost to using the enhanced Taxnet Pro, it is part of our commitment to continual development.  Tax does not stand still, neither does Taxnet Pro.

Will I need a new registration ID?

As an existing customer, you will be automatically given access to the enhanced Taxnet Pro; no registration is necessary.

Do I need to create a new username and password?

If you have OnePass credentials, you will be requested to enter the Username and Password when you login to enhanced Taxnet Pro the FIRST TIME.

Be sure to check “Save my Username and Password” so that you do not have to re-enter your OnePass credentials for subsequent login.

will my existing Preferences, Saved Searches (alerts), and foldered documents be available on the enhanced Taxnet Pro?

All personalized Taxnet Pro information including Saved Searches, Preferences, alerts, etc. will NOT be transferred to enhanced Taxnet Pro. You do have the ability to personalize your Taxnet Pro settings when you have successfully logged into to the enhanced Taxnet Pro.

For additional support, please contact Technical Support at 1 Toll Free (Canada & US): 1-800-387-5164, Toronto/International: (416) 609-3800.

Will my subscription change on the enhanced Taxnet Pro?

No, your subscription will be the same, with access to the same content on the enhanced Taxnet Pro as that of the current platform.

Will I have access to the same content on the enhanced Taxnet Pro?

Yes the same content is available as per your subscription on the enhanced Taxnet Pro as that of the current version.