Newsletters on Taxnet Pro™


Newsletters on Taxnet Pro are a valuable source of information for the busy Tax Professional who may not be able to keep up with the daily flow of new information. They provide context and analysis of the latest changes and developments in the world of tax. 


We are pleased to announce the launch of New Trends in Commodity Taxes. This new monthly newsletter, drafted by Étienne Gadbois, will provide a brief overview of the most significant case law, legislative and administrative consumption taxes developments, as well as a brief review of legislation, administrative positions and documents issued by the Québec and federal governments, having an impact on relations between citizens and Revenu Québec.


This newsletter, published 6 times a year in English and French (Sans imposition), keeps you informed of the latest legislative, case law and administrative developments in Québec, Canadian and American taxation.

Provincial & Territorial Tax News Newsletter

We are pleased to announce the launch of “Provincial & Territorial Tax News Newsletter”.  A new newsletter published six times per annum designed to highlight recent provincial and territorial tax developments. Every issue will highlight the hot topics in provincial tax, and will feature new government documents and provincial budgets. Provincial & Territorial Tax News will provide Carswell customers with expert analysis and commentary on important provincial tax developments and trends.

General Corporate Newsletter “Privately Held Companies & Taxes”

Editor: Sunita D. Doobay LL.B., LL.M. (Tax) (NYU)

This new newsletter will be published 6 times per year and easily accessible through the Newsletter section of the Table of Contents.  Latest issue includes rich insight into the following topics:

  • Rectifications – The equitable remedy which allows the Court to correct a mistake made and allows for the original agreements of the parties to be rectified in order to correctly reflect the original intention of the parties.
  • Self supply rules under the GST/HST regime – A recent case is analyzed with respect to self supply rules and leads to a better understanding of these rules.
  • Pipeline strategy - Subsection 84(2) of the Income Tax Act is discussed in relation to post-mortem pipelines

Blakes on Canadian Tax Controversy and Tax Litigation

A newsletter published six times per annum delivering insight and guidance, on recent developments in the area of tax controversy and litigation.


GST Times

This newsletter is published 24 times per year and keeps you up to date on the latest GST developments. Each issue includes “What’s New in GST” and “What’s New in the Canada GST Service”.  Also included are recent case summaries, GST research “tidbits”, announcements of new Canada Revenue Agency policy, excerpts from press releases, analysis of current issues and so much more…

GST Case Notes

A newsletter containing David Sherman’s detailed editorial comments on the latest GST – related cases published in the Canada GST Cases – not just GST appeals, but also contract and bankruptcy disputes where the GST is at stake, criminal prosecutions for GST evasion, and other GST related cases. David Sherman’s comments keep you up on the latest in what the Courts have had to say about the GST.


Pound’s Tax Case Notes

This newsletter ensures users are kept up to date on new developments.  Dick Pound edits Pound’s Tax Case Notes, a review of tax-law court cases. Fun Fact:  You may recognize Dick Pound who has been a longstanding member of the Canadian Olympic Committee.

Tax Hyperion

Tax Hyperion™ is a monthly newsletter that is pushed by e-mail to Taxnet Pro subscribers. This recent enhancement to Taxnet Pro provides insightful analysis of recent developments and is an ideal complement to the current awareness tax information provided by Carswell. Edited by Bruce Russell of McInnes Cooper.

Tax Times

Tax Times, a twice-monthly newsletter, provides the user with a quick overview of recent tax developments in the area of federal income tax and significant provincial announcements. Included are recent case summaries, news and comments on the introduction and progress of bills, summaries of draft legislation and highlights of updates to the Canada Tax Service.  This newsletter also features in-depth articles on tax-related issues.

Newsletters from the Corporate Tax Centre


Transfer Pricing

Provides news and analysis on Canadian government tax policies regarding intercompany transfer pricing written by KPMG.


Tax implications of SR&ED in Canada written by Deloitte.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Tax issues related to Mergers and Acquisitions written by Davies, Ward, Phillips & Vineberg.


Indirect Tax

Tax issues faced by individuals and corporations in reference to GST/HST,  Customs, International Trade and Excise taxes written by Blakes

International Tax

International tax issues faced by individuals and corporations writen by McCarthy Tétrault

General Corporate

Tax issues faced by corporations.

Americ-Can Tax Talk

American tax issues of interest to Canadians

From the Foreign Desk…

Tax developments from around the world

Newsletters from Tax & Estate Planning Centre 



Published six times a year provides insightful, expert commentary on estate and trusts cross-border issues facing Canadians.


The new format examines a wide range of subjects that impact private companies and high net worth individuals such as tax, estate and trust matters and other topics that relate to wealth management. Take a look at the latest issue today.